# Wednesday, June 11, 2003

St. Louis, MO

DevCon is over but it was a success. The past few DevCons have had very low attendance. Not this one. Attendance is on an upswing. Maybe it is an indication of the market. Despite the recent dip in unemployment, I have been sensing a small resurgence in the tech market. While we are not going to return to the go-go 90s .com mania, a lot of jobs have been coming in to the User Group's listserver. This makes me happy since so many friends and colleagues have been struggling for work. I know some really talented developers who have been out of work for over a year. Another indicator is that TechEd last week was a huge amount of people, about 10,000.

“Biking Cross Country”

Ken Getz spoke about potentially riding bikes across the United States. We knew that Tom Howe would also want to do it, so we asked him and now we have a team. We are looking to potentially do this ride next fall (Fall of 2004). This will be great training for me doing this ride to prepare for the Marathon in Antarctica in 2005 and the IronMan triathlon in Hawaii, at some point in my life.

"Its Not What You Know..."

One thing that I realize everything that I speak at a conference is the great friendships that I have with the other speakers. This also extends beyond just enjoying spending time with each other, usually when I need a code example or business advice I call or email a fellow speaker. Usually when one of us has a gig we can't do we call a fellow speaker to pinch hit. This is a great circle of friends and a great resource. It is a very strong and close group, we all trust each other and can work with each other quite well. Last night Ken Getz said that it is very refreshing to spend time with each other besides what I wrote above because we are all very much self-aware of who we are and what we want. I think that this plays into our helping each other, we are all black and white.




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