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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Distributed Caching: Essential Lessons

Subject:  In this presentation, we will cover application development considerations for maximum scalable performance and reliability in clustered .NET environments. This presentation focuses on improving scalability and scalable performance of applications through the use of clustered caching and data grids to reliably share live data among clustered application nodes, providing transparent fail-over as a key element of uninterrupted operation and reduced load on the database tier as a key element of scalability. We will also discuss how you can simply improve performance and scalability of the existing ASP.NET applications by storing session state in a data grid.

The presentation will focus on:

  • Caching Topologies: the limitations, trade-offs and benefits
  • Cache aside, read/write through and write behind architectures, where and when to use
  • Use cases and a topology quiz
  • Scaling ASP.NET web applications
  • The 12 essential lessons

  • Speaker:  Aleksandar Seovic, Managing Director, Solutions for Human Capital, Inc.

    Aleksandar Seovic is a Managing Director at Solutions for Human Capital, Inc. – a software development company specializing in enterprise document and content management. He has lead development effort on a number of engagements for Fortune 500 corporations, mostly in pharmaceutical and financial services industries, and has worked in the architect role on both .NET and J2EE projects. Most recently, Aleks took part in the design and implementation of Oracle Coherence for .NET, a client library that allows applications written in any .NET language to access data and services provided by Oracle Coherence data grid. Aleks is also a co-lead for Spring.NET, an open source framework for enterprise application development, and a lead developer for Web, AOP and Services modules of the framework. Aleks can be reached at aleks@s4hc.com.

    Date:  Thursday, July 19, 2007

    Time:  Reception 6:00 PM , Program 6:15 PM

    Location:   Microsoft , 1290 Avenue of the Americas (the AXA building - bet. 51st/52nd Sts.) , 6th floor
    Directions: B/D/F/V to 47th-50th Sts./Rockefeller Ctr
    1 to 50th St./Bway
    N/R/W to 49th St./7th Ave.

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