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And it only begins this weekend! Get ready to BID!!! Bid early, bid often.


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The auction should go live in 24 hours. Bookmark this post as I will put the link here and the start date as soon as we have it!


This auction is a charitable contribution. Bidders will pay for an hour each of consulting time to benefit the Tsunami victims of Banda AcehALL of the money will go to help the victims (tax benefit for you as well).


Bid for an hour of a .NET Celebrity Consultant’s time. Winners can pick the brain of a .NET Expert for an hour (highest bidders will be first in the “draft” for the consultant assigned to them). Winners can call, email or IM the consultant and use the hour to answer that nagging question, do a code review, or just get some general .NET advice.

There will be 30 winning bids. eBay rules require that all 30 winners pay the lowest bid price. So you are required to pay the lowest bid amount, but are encouraged to pay for your final bid (we will invoice you for both, it is your choice how much you want to donate to IDEP (payments via PayPal)). Here are the participants we have RDs and INETA speakers from all 6 continents and 12 countries!

Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Kimberly L. Tripp, Jonathan Goodyear, Andrew Brust, Richard Campbell, Adam Cogan, Malek Kemmou, Jackie Goldstein, Ted Neward, Kathleen Dollard, Hector M Obregon, Patrick Hynds, Fernando Guerrero, Kate Gregory, Joel Semeniuk, Scott Hanselman, Barry Gervin, Clemens Vasters, Jorge Oblitas, Stephen Forte, Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Jeff Prosise, Deborah Kurata, Goksin Bakir, Edgar Sánchez, Thomas Lee, J. Michael Palermo IV, Vishwas Lele, and John Lam:


Michelle Leroux Bustamante (CAN/USA),

Michelle Leroux Bustamante, is Principal Software Architect of IDesign Inc., Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, Microsoft MVP for XML Web Services and BEA Technical Director. She has over a decade of development experience development applications with VB, C++, Java, C# and VB.NET and working with related technologies such as ATL, MFC and COM. At IDesign Michele provides training, mentoring and high-end architecture consulting services, focusing on Web services, scalable and secure architecture design for .NET, and interoperability. She is a member of the International .NET Speakers Association (INETA), a frequent conference presenter, conference chair for SD’s Web Services and .NET tracks, and is frequently published in several major technology journals. Michele is also Program Advisor for UCSD Extension, and is the .NET Expert for SearchWebServices.com.


Jeffrey Richter (USA)

Jeffrey Richter is a co-founder of Wintellect, a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software, faster. Over the years, Jeffrey has consulted for many companies including Intel, DreamWorks and Microsoft. In fact, for Microsoft, he has contributed both design and code to the following products: Windows (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions), Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Office, TerraServer, the .NET Framework, "Longhorn" and "Indigo". Even today, Jeffrey is still consulting with Microsoft's .NET Framework team (since October 1999) and XML Web Services and Messaging Team ("Indigo") (since January 2003). He is the author of several best selling .NET and Win32 programming books. Jeffrey is also a contributing editor to MSDN Magazine where he authors the .NET column and has written many feature articles.


Jeffrey holds both helicopter and airplane licenses and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He also enjoys playing drums and keyboards. He attends concerts regularly to indulge his passion for jazz bands. He also loves to travel and explore new places. Jeffrey can usually be found tinkering with some new technology living his life on the bleeding edge. His lot in life is to always want to purchase something that should be shipping any day now. Jeffrey lives in Bellevue, WA with his wife Kristin, their son Aidan, and their cat Max.


Kimberly L. Tripp (USA)

Kimberly is a SQL Server MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director and has worked with SQL Server since 1990. Since 1995, Kimberly has worked as a Speaker, Writer, Trainer and Consultant for her own company SYSolutions, Inc. (www.SQLskills.com) where she focuses on creating interesting and educational content around building scalable and available SQL Server-based systems. Focusing mostly on performance tuning and availability, Kimberly frequently writes for SQL Server Magazine, was a technical contributor for the SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit and co-authored the MSPress title SQL Server 2000 High Availability. Kimberly has lectured for Microsoft Tech*Ed, SQL Server Magazine Connections, PASS and VSLive and is consistently a top rated speaker. Kimberly works closely with Microsoft to provide new and interesting technical resources including the SQL Server 2000 High Availability Overview DVD – featuring more than 9 hours of in-depth technical content, demos and peer chats with MVPs.


Clemens Vasters (Germany)

Clemens Vasters is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the Germany-based developer services firm newtelligence? AG. newtelligence? is specialized in providing world-class developer education on Microsoft technologies as well as architectural consulting, architectural review and project coaching services. Clemens Vasters has over 14 years of professional experience as developer and architect, is the author of several books, principal architect of the Microsoft examples “Proseware” and “FABRIQ”, and is one of Europe’s most popular conference speakers on Microsoft technologies. In 2004 alone, he spoke at over 50 events in 24 countries, including Microsoft TechEd USA, Microsoft TechEd Europe, the Microsoft Longhorn Developer Preview, and the Microsoft EMEA Architect Forum. Also this year, he received the Microsoft MVP Award 2004 as Solution Architect and the “Outstanding Microsoft Regional Director Award” for his contribution to the Microsoft Regional Director program.


Scott Hanselman (USA)

Scott Hanselman is Chief Architect and Voyager SDK Product Manager at the Corillian Corporation, an eFinance enabler. He has twelve years experience developing software in C, C++, VB, COM, and most recently in VB.NET and C#. Scott is proud to have been appointed the Oregon's MSDN Regional Director for the last four years, developing content for, and speaking at Developer Days and the Visual Studio.NET Launch in both Portland and Seattle. Scott was in the top 5% of audience-rated speakers at TechEd in Dallas and spoke at PDC 2003. Scott also presented at the Windows Server 2003 and VS.NET 2003 Launches in Seattle. He's spoken internationally on Microsoft technologies in Asia and Africa, and has co-authored three books from Wrox Press. In 2001, Scott spoke on a 15-city national tour with Microsoft, Compaq and Intel featuring Microsoft Technologies and evangelizing good design practices. In 2002, he was a highly rated speaker at TechEd Malaysia, giving 3 sessions, including one on the .NET Framework. Last year, Scott spoke at the Windows Server 2003 Launch event in 4 PacWest Cities. Scott and Corillian also participate in a number of Working Groups with the Web Service Interoperability Organization (WS-I). His thoughts on the Zen of .NET, Programming and Web Services can be found on his blog at http://www.computerzen.com.


John Robbins (USA)

John Robbins is a cofounder of Wintellect, where he heads up the consulting and debugging services side of the business. He also travels the world teaching his Debugging .NET Applications and Debugging Windows Applications course so that developers everywhere can learn the techniques he uses to solve the nastiest software problems known to man. As one of the world's recognized authorities on debugging, John takes an evil delight in finding and fixing impossible bugs in other people's programs. John is based in New Hampshire USA, where he lives with his wife, Pam, and the world-famous debugging cats, Pearl and Chloe. In addition to being the author of the books Debugging Microsoft .NET and Windows Applications (Microsoft Press 2003) and Debugging Applications (Microsoft Press, 2000), John is a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine, where he writes the Bugslayer column. He regularly speaks at conferences such as Tech-Ed, VSLive, and DevWeek. Prior to founding Wintellect, John was one of the early engineers at NuMega Technologies (now Compuware NuMega), where he played key roles in designing, developing, and acting as project manager for some of the coolest C/C++, Visual Basic, and Java developers' tools on the market. The products that he worked on include BoundsChecker (versions 3, 4, and 5), TrueTime (versions 1.0 and 1.1), TrueCoverage (version 1.0), SoftICE (version 3.24) and TrueCoverage for Device Drivers (version 1.0). He was also the only developer at NuMega with a couch in his office. Before he stumbled into software development in his late 20's, John was a paratrooper and Green Beret in the United States Army. Since he can no longer get adrenaline highs by jumping out of airplanes in the middle of the night onto unlit, postage-stamp-size drop zones carrying full combat loads, he rides motorcycles at high rates of speed - much to his wife's chagrin.


Jonathan Goodyear (USA)

Jonathan is the President of ASPSOFT, Inc. He has been working with .NET since before it was made available to the general public. Jonathan is a contributing editor for both Visual Studio Magazine and asp.netPRO Magazine, and frequently speaks at major technology conferences such as VSLive, ASP.NET Connections and .NET user groups through the International .NET Association (INETA). Jonathan wrote one of the first books about .NET development, Debugging ASP.NET, by New Rider's Publishing, and appeared in a video, Visual Studio .NET - An Introduction, by WatchIT.com. Jonathan has been awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status by Microsoft and has recently been named a Regional Director.


Andrew Brust (USA)

Andrew J. Brust is Chief, New Technology at Citigate Hudson, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Business Intelligence and custom database applications built with .NET, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies. Prior to joining Citigate Hudson, Andrew was the President of Progressive Systems Consulting, which he founded in 1994 and merged with Citigate Hudson in 2004. Andrew is Microsoft's Regional Director for New York and New Jersey, a contributing editor to Visual Studio Magazine, a regular speaker and Conference Chair at VSLive and a featured speaker at other conferences throughout the U.S. and internationally. Andrew has over 15 years of experience programming and consulting in the Financial, Public, Small Business, and Not-For-Profit sectors. Mr. Brust is a Vice-Chairman of the New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA) Board.


Richard Campbell (Canada)

Richard Campbell has been working with computers since 1977 and is the   president of Campbell & Associates, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a consultant to a number of companies in North America, focusing on building high-performance, large-scaling web sites utilizing Microsoft technology. Richard is also one of the technical editors for Access/VB/SQL Advisor and co-author of the Advisor Answers column. In addition to consulting and writing, Richard speaks at conferences around the world.


Malek Kemmou (Morocco)

Abdelmalek Kemmou (Malek), Founder and CEO of kemmou consulting, a consulting company based in Casablanca Morocco, is a senior consultant, a skilled trainer and a leader of the developer community in North Africa. Malek is recognized as an expert on Microsoft technology (certified on most Microsoft products and technologies: 23 MCP certification on last count), with a strong background on other technologies (J2EE/Java, Perl, C++, Cisco …etc, certified on some of those technologies: Sun Certified Java Programmer, Cisco Certified Network Professional). He specializes in solutions architectures, integration technologies and mobility. Malek speaks at various international conferences around the world.



Goksin Bakir (Turkey)

Goksin Bakir is the founder of Yage Ltd., a software company based in Istanbul, mainly dedicated to vertical manufacturing markets and consultancy. He acts as the Chief Software Engineer for Yage. He also works as a part time faculty for Bogazici University, MIS department. Besides his experience of over 15 years in IT Industry, Goksin is the Microsoft Regional Director for Middle East and Africa. MSDN Regional Directors are independent 3rd party advocates of Microsoft technologies whose mission it is to inform, educate and congregate the Windows development community.

Goksin also acts as the Regional Manager for INETA Middle East and Africa. He is in the INETA Speakers Bureau and has spoken to many groups worldwide.

Goksin’s main areas of interest are Microsoft technologies and software architecture. These technologies are .NET Application Development, Security, internet / intranet application architecture and B2B application Integration. He has completed many projects with his teams, His recent work include Enterprise solutions on .Net technologies. Goksin is a frequent speaker at international conferences and Seminars like Teched, MDC, PDC, NDC. He also contributes to IT publications like PC Week, IT Weekly. He also has many excellence awards from leading software and IT companies.


Adam Cogan (Australia)

Adam Cogan is the Chief Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Office and .NET Solutions. At SSW, Adam has been developing custom solutions for businesses across a range of industries such as Government, banking, insurance and manufacturing since 1990 for clients such as Microsoft, Quicken, and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. Adam develops in Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server 2000, Winforms and Webforms using both VB.NET and C#, Access 2002, Outlook 2002/Exchange Server 2000 and now Office 2003 often using n-tier architecture. One of his Latest Projects was the Smart Tag Implementation for Quicken Australia. Adam is one of only two Microsoft Regional Directors in Australia . In this role, he regularly presents for Microsoft such as TechEd USA and Australia and visits Microsoft headquarters in Seattle to learn the latest on Microsoft strategic directions and to undertake training in development technologies.


Edgar Sánchez (Ecuador)

Edgar Sánchez is co-founder and CEO of Logic Studio, a software house based in Ecuador, specialized in the development of custom software solutions using object oriented technologies. Edgar has been writing business applications for almost 20 years, coming from Pascal and C in text screens, through PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes, Java, and finally .NET, which he embraced enthusiastically since its first betas. Currently Edgar helps big projects define its architecture and select the tools used at every tier but he stills loves to write real-world code as often as possible. He has got a penchant for numerical computing and functional programming but in his real life he loves playing with his kids, jogging, reading novels, and going to the movies.


Jackie Goldstein (Israel)

Jackie Goldstein is the principal of Renaissance Computer Systems, specializing in consulting, training, and development with Microsoft tools and technologies. He has 20 years experience developing and managing software applications in the U.S. and Israel, and is known for his ability to help developers understand and take advantage of new technologies. Jackie is a Microsoft Regional Director, the founder of the Israel VB User Group, and is a featured speaker at international developer events including VSLive!, TechEd, Microsoft Developer Days, and SQL2TheMax. Jackie also works closely with Microsoft both in Israel and in the U.S. and was awarded by Microsoft the "Microsoft Regional Director of the Year."  He is a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau and the lead co-author for a book on database programming with .NET ("Database Access with Visual Basic.NET", Addison-Wesley , ISBN 0-67232-3435).  At the end of 2003, Microsoft had Jackie do a VB Upgrade Tour in 10 different cities throughout Europe. In December 2003, Microsoft recognized Jackie as a Software Legend!


Ted Neward (USA)

As a technical lead and architect, have led and managed teams implementing client/server solutions using a variety of languages, tools, and operating systems. Complete software lifecycle experience, from conception through beta-test, ship and maintenance. Have excellent communication skills, interacting with technical and non-technical audiences. I bring passion to software development, because I love what I do.  As an instructor, I spend significant amounts of time bringing developers "up to speed" on the latest technologies--Java, C#, servlets, JSPs, EJB, and more. I've mentored programmers who knew nothing of Java and turned them into Java experts by project's end.


Kathleen Dollard (USA)

Kathleen Dollard is a consultant, author, trainer, and speaker. She’s been a Microsoft MVP since 1998, wrote “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET” (Apress) and is a regular contributor to Visual Studio Magazine. She speaks at industry conferences such as VSLive, DevConnections, and Microsoft DevDays as well as local user groups. She’s the founder and principal of GenDotNet. Her passion is helping programmers be smarter in how they develop by learning to use Visual Studio, XML related technologies, .NET languages, code generation, unit testing, and other tools to their full capacity. She’s currently working on full life cycle improvements, such as better debugging and capturing business intent in metadata and test definitions. When not working, she enjoys woodworking, snowshoeing, and kayaking depending on the outdoor temperature.


Hector M Obregon (Mexico)

Hector Obregon is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of emLink, a Mexico City based ISV providing mobility solutions to clients nationally. Hector is also the Microsoft Regional Director for the Mexico City region. He speaks regularly at industry conferences like Developer Days, Comdex, and TechEd. Hector has served as the technical architect of mobile solutions including Sales Force Automation, Mobile Collection, and Software Distribution and Support solutions. Prior to emLink, Hector served as the CEO of Air-Go Technologies in San Francisco, CA.


Patrick Hynds (USA)

Patrick Hynds, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCSA, MCP+Site Builder, MCT, is the Microsoft Regional Director for Boston and the CTO for CriticalSites. Named by Microsoft as a Regional Director, he has been recognized as a leader in the technology field. An expert on Microsoft technology (with at last count 55 Microsoft certifications) and experienced with other technologies as well (Websphere, Sybase, Perl, Java, Unix, Netware, C++, etc.), Patrick previously taught freelance software development and Network Architecture. He has been a successful contractor who enjoyed mastering difficult troubleshooting assignments. A graduate of West Point and a Gulf War veteran, Patrick brings an uncommon level of dedication to his leadership role at CriticalSites. He has experience in addressing business challenges with special emphasis on security issues involving leading-edge database, web and hardware systems. In spite of the demands of his management role at CriticalSites, Patrick stays technical and in the trenches acting as Project Manager and/or developer/engineer on selected projects throughout the year.


Fernando Guerrero (Spain)

Fernando G. Guerrero is one of the founders of Solid Quality Learning. He works with SQL Server since 1993, and for more than 20 years he has been designing information systems, providing training and mentoring in many countries worldwide. His teaching experience started in 1981 when he was a lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, followed by many international projects where mentoring was a key part of his tasks, until he became a Principal Technologist and SQL Server Product Consultant at QA plc., the leading IT training and consulting company in the United Kingdom. Fernando has presented at numerous conferences including TechEd, PASS, VBUG, VBITS, MCT Conference, SQL Server Magazine Live, and DevWeek. Fernando is a Civil and Hydrologic Engineer, MCDBA, MCSE+I, MCSD, MCT, a SQL Server MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and an INETA speaker. His book "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Programming By Example", from QUE, was published in April 2001.


Kate Gregory (Canada)

Kate Gregory is the Microsoft Regional Director for Toronto and a founding partner of Gregory Consulting. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Gregory Consulting has been providing consulting and development services throughout North America since 1986, specializing in software development with leading-edge technologies, integration projects, and technology transfer. They also provide training, mentoring, and technical writing services.Kate Gregory is the author of over a dozen books including Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Kick Start. She teaches  .NET, XML, UML, and C++ and is in demand as an expert speaker, with numerous cross-Canada tours for Microsoft Canada, and sessions at DevDays, TechEd (USA, Europe, Africa,) and VSLive Toronto, among others. Kate is a C++  MVP, a founding sponsor of the Toronto .NET Users Group, the founder of the East of Toronto .NET Users group, a member of the INETA speakers bureau, and a member of adjunct faculty at Trent University in Peterborough.


Joel Semeniuk (Canada)

Joel Semeniuk is a founder and VP of Software Development at ImagiNET Resources Corp, a Manitoba based Microsoft Gold Partner in Ecommerce and Enterprise Systems. Joel is also the Microsoft Regional Director for Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, Joel has spent the last twelve years providing educational, development and infrastructure consulting services to clients throughout North America. Joel is the author of "Exchange and Outlook: Constructing Collaborative Solutions", from New Riders Publishing and contributing author of "Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2003 KickStart" from SAMS. Joel has also acted as a technical reviewer on many other books and regularly writes articles for .NET Magazine and Exchange and Outlook Magazine on a variety of infrastructure and development related topics.



Barry Gervin (USA)

Barry Gervin is a Principal Consultant and Instructor with ObjectSharp. He is a technical leader with over 15 years experience helping development teams design and build large software projects. Barry is skilled in the Architecture, Design and Development of Databases and Distributed Systems. Barry is also a MS Regional Director.


Jorge Oblitas (Peru)

Jorge Oblitas is a Portals and Intranets solutions from Peru, who worked close with main financial and telecommunications companies in his country to create Knowledge Managements solutions to let them work better.  His Intranet functional designs were awarded internationally by Microsoft. One of the biggest points of interest for people who hire his services is to get help from him about how to decide why they need, build a proposal and evaluate companies to do the project. In a second instance he works closely with the company and the solution provider to get the best results. Jorge is the Microsoft Regional Director for Peru since year 2000 and was member of the Microsoft Corporation Partner Advisory Council in Portals and Intranets year 2002. He was speaker at many events in Peru, Other Andean region countries and Microsoft TechEd Latin America. Topics are: Intranets, Knowledge Management, Education, project management and Web solutions.


Stephen Forte (New York)

Stephen Forte is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Corzen, Inc, a Manhattan (USA) based provider of online market research data for Wall Street Firms. Stephen is also the Microsoft Regional Director for the NY Metro region. He speaks regularly at industry conferences like Tech*Ed, North Africa Developers Conference and other conferences around the world. He has written several books on database development and currently is writing the MS Press book SQL Server 2005 Core Developers Guide. Prior to Corzen, Stephen served as the CTO of Zagat Survey in New York City and also was co-founder and CTO of the New York based software consulting firm The Aurora Development Group. He currently is the co-moderator and founder of the NYC .NET Developer User Group.



 Jeff Prosise (USA)

Jeff Prosise is a co-founder of Wintellect - a training, consulting and debugging firm that specializes in Microsoft .NET technologies -  where he makes his living programming Microsoft .NET and teaching others how to do the same. His latest book, Programming Microsoft .NET, was published by Microsoft Press in May 2002. His previous book, Programming Windows with MFC, has won awards for readability and is widely considered to be the definitive work on MFC programming. A former engineer who discovered after college that programming is immeasurably more fun than designing lifting fixtures and computing loads on mounting brackets, today Jeff travels the world teaching ASP.NET programming and enlightening conference audiences about the new platform. He works closely with Microsoft developers in Redmond, WA, to track the development of the .NET Framework. Jeff is a contributing editor to MSDN Magazine, where he writes feature articles about Microsoft .NET and authors the Wicked Code column, and to asp.netPRO magazine, where he writes the monthly Ask the PRO column. And in 2000, Jeff cofounded Wintellect to provide .NET consulting and education services to developers everywhere. In his off-time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, attending church, going scuba diving, playing softball, and jamming with garage bands. During his quieter moments, he dreams of playing baseball for the Atlanta Braves and playing guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughan. But in his heart, he realizes that writing code is the next best thing.


Deborah Kurata (USA)

Deborah Kurata is a software architect, designer and developer and the author of several books, including ‘Best Kept Secrets in .NET’ (Apress), 'Doing Objects in Visual Basic 6.0' (SAMS) and 'Doing Web Development: Client-Side Techniques' (Apress). She speaks at conferences, such as VSLive, DevDays, and TechEd, is co-chair of the local East Bay.NET user group, and writes for MSDN and CoDe magazine. She is a member of the INETA Speaker’s Bureau and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Her preferred INETA topics include .NET architecture, object-oriented design and development, and best practices for .NET development. She especially enjoys giving her ‘Best Kept Secrets’ talk at user groups because it provides tips and tricks for all levels of software developers. Deborah is cofounder of InStep Technologies Inc., a professional consulting firm that focuses on turning your business vision into reality using Microsoft .NET technologies.



 Thomas Lee (UK)

Thomas is Chief Technologist at QA, the UK's largest independent training and consulting firm. A respected author with over 20 years experience as a Microsoft practitioner, Thomas is responsible for the strategic development of QA's training Portfolio and the delivery of specialist training sessions on advanced design and architecture for Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Server. Thomas attended Carnegie Mellon University in America. He then worked for industry-leaders Comshare, ICL and Andersen Consulting. Thomas has led the development of a variety of technical training courses covering the range of Microsoft system products and spent time working for Microsoft in Redmond assisting in the development of the Windows 2000 enterprise courses. Thomas is Windows Editor of ESM Magazine and Security Editor for FYI magazine. Thomas is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Microsoft MSDN Regional Director, and a Microsoft MVP.


John Lam (USA)

John is a Partner at ObjectSharp. He blends practical experience with deep technical knowledge: he has shipped 9 software products over the years. He is a recognized authority on COM, XML and .NET. He has co-authored two books: Essential XML and the Delphi Developers Handbook. He was a technical columnist for PC Magazine. He was an invited speaker at many international conferences over the years, including the PDC, Tech-Ed, Win-Dev, VS Live!, VS Connections, and WinSummit. He has contributed original research to the academic computer science community that was presented at the 1st International Aspect Oriented Software conference in the Netherlands. He maintains a popular blog, at www.iunknown.com, which draws over 7000 unique visitors per week.


J. Michael Palermo IV (USA)

 J. Michael Palermo IV is currently the lead developer for kbAlertz.com, and operations manager for myKB.com. Michael is also a developer instructor at Interface Technical Training, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Phoenix, AZ. Michael has been endorsed by Microsoft as a Microsoft Solutions Framework Practitioner & Trainer. He has been awarded the title of Microsoft Regional Director, Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for XML technologies, and is a member of ASP Insiders. Michael's passion is sharing technology information with the community. He has also set time aside for co-authoring several books, engaging developers at user groups and speaking at DevDays and MSDN events.


Vishwas Lele (USA)

Bio here soon!

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# Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today Indonesia increased the number dead in their country alone to over 160,000, which brings the total amount dead so far from the Tsunami to over 220,000.  The devastation is unimaginable. That is why Julia Lerman has been organizing a lot of efforts for a local charity. She approached me a week or two ago and wanted to try to organize a .NET Celebrity Auction on eBay where all proceeds go to a local charity. After a lot of hard work, we are about to make this happen.   

So that is why a bunch of us are going to auction an hour each of our consulting time to benefit the Tsunami victims of Banda AcehALL of the money will go to help the victims.

Within the next 48 hours the auction will appear on eBay. It will be a single “multibe item“ auciton where the 26 higest bidders pay their higest bid amount. The higest payers get to choose who they get the hour of time with (I am sure I will go second to last, Clemens will be last. )

The link to the auction will be here shortly, we are still working on the legal paperwork with eBay. Bookmark this post as I will put the link here and the start date as soon as we have it!

Here are the participants:

Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Kimberly L. Tripp, Jonathan Goodyear, Andrew Brust, Richard Campbell, Adam Cogan, Malek Kemmou, Jackie Goldstein, Ted Neward, Kathleen Dollard, Hector M Obregon, Patrick Hynds, Fernando Guerrero, Kate Gregory, Joel Semeniuk, Scott Hanselman, Barry Gervin, Clemens Vasters, Jorge Oblitas, Stephen Forte, Jeffrey Richter, John Robbins, Jeff Prosise, Deborah Kurata, Goksin Bakir, Edgar Sánchez, Thomas Lee, J. Michael Palermo IV, Vishwas Lele, and John Lam.


Who will this auction benefit?

In the long run, the auction is to benefit the people of Aceh Province , Sumatra , who have had their island destroyed and lost nearly 100,000 of their people. The waves may be gone, but the devastation continues and the fear of many more dying from disease continues.

We are trying to help, by assisting Aceh Aid at IDEP, an organization that is local and doing amazing work.

There is an area on their website devoted to this work: http://www.idepfoundation.org/aceh_aid.html. (www.AcehAid.org will take you right to this page). I recommend that if you are interested in knowing who you are doing this for, you go peruse that website, read the updates, read about the volunteer search, etc.


IDEP is a small, Indonesian NGO, based in Ubud, Bali . Completed projects over the years have included community based development, sustainable living initiatives, permaculture training, waste management, organic gardens, recycling, etc. The focus is on helping people to help themselves. IDEP's founding director, Petra Schneider is a US -born, Indonesian citizen. The demonstrated and reproducible success of IDEP's small projects in local communities has earned the team an excellent reputation.


At the time of the Bali bomb, about two years ago, IDEP was an important element of the network of local NGOs and other supporters that quickly responded to the tragedy, in various ways, not only immediately after the bomb, but during the recovery process for the various communities involved. Following shortly thereafter, IDEP received funding from USAid to create a comprehensive set of disaster management materials for Indonesian communities, aimed at children, families, and local leaders (official and unofficial). The materials are in the Indonesian language and suitable for use in rural and urban settings. These materials, including a booklet for children about Tsunami preparedness, were finished just weeks ago, but had not yet been disseminated to communities. Then the tsunami struck.


Only hours after the news of the tsunami reached Bali, the same network of NGOs and individuals in Bali who had been involved in the relief efforts for the Bali bomb, reanimated and went into action. We started something called the "Aceh Aid Bucket Brigade" (see website), creating and deploying one-family-one-bucket multi-material aid packages from the hands of donors in Bali to the field in Sumatra . We began sending highly skilled volunteers, well-matched to the task within two days of the tsunami (Sam Schultz, Lee Downey, Oded Carmi and others). Our relief, and later, recovery programs in response to the Tsunami are now focused on two fronts. One is direct aid from Medan by road to areas around Banda Aceh. The other is this remarkable joint effort (nothing short of heroic), to the islands off the west coast of Sumatra , which as of yet, have not been receiving aid from any other channels that we know of.

Fine Print:

About the auction: We have 25 amazing consultants and trainers in this auction. Each person has donated one hour of consulting time, to be provided by email or phone (at expense of bidder). The consultant and winner are free to agree upon other arrangements. It will be an Ebay "multi-item" auction where all of the consultants are in the same auction. The top 25 bids will be the winners. The highest bidder will get first choice of which consultant they would like to work with. Payments will be made DIRECTLY to Aceh Aid at IDEP's PayPal account (acehaid@tides.org).

A note about multi-item auctions. Normally and EBay multi-item auction is set up to auction off identical items, such as hammers. Given that they are of equal value, the multi-item auction rules state that the winning bidders would each pay the amount of the lowest winning bid. The .NET Celebrity Auction for Aceh Aid at IDEP will not work this way. Since this is a charity auction, we expect the winning bidders to pay the amount of their final bid. Allowing bidders to select consultants based on their bid rank justifies this, but moreso, the fact that this is a charity auction justifies this.

A note about your tax-deductible contribution. All contributions will be made through a PayPal account that goes to Tides Foundation (www.tidesfoundation.org) which is a  US-based 501c3 non-profit, permitting tax-deductible contributions and supported by many corporate matching programs. Tides Foundation's EIN is 51-0198509. Tides Foundation then forwards the full amount of the donations directly to Aceh Aid at IDEP.

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# Monday, January 17, 2005

Yukon has enhanced the SQL Server 2000 FOR XML function. If you want to create element based XML (yay!), FOR XML PATH allows you to specify column aliases that contain valid XPath expressions that will shape your XML output.



ContactID as [@Contact_ID],

FirstName as [ContactName/First],

LastName as [ContactName/Last],

Phone as [ContactPhone/Phone1]

From Person.Contact For XML PATH

Produces output like:
























If you are familiar and comfortable with XPath, there are some additional features to XML PATH you may like. You can use the following XPath node test functions to further control the shape of your XML output:

·        node()

·        text()

·        data()

·        comment()

·        processing-instruction()


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# Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The XML Data Type can, just like other data types, conform to Nullability, Defaults and Constraints. If you want to make the field required (NOT NULL) and provide a default value on your XML column, just specify like you would any other column.



   xOrders XML NOT NULL Default '</Orders>'

This insert will work because it is relying on the default:

Insert Into OrdersXML (OrderDocID, xOrders) Values (2, DEFAULT)

The following insert will work, even if we add non <Orders> in our table because we have not declared a constraint on the column:

Insert Into OrdersXML (OrderDocID, xOrders) Values (3, 'steve')

SQL Server 2005 gives you the opportunity to add a constraint. An interesting feature of an XML column is that the CHECK constraint is based on the XML Infoset model using the methods of the XML column. You can use the exist method, which is specific to the XML type, as part of our CHECK constraint to force a particular type of XML element to exist.  In the following example we will drop and recreate the table from scratch (you can use ALTER TABLE as well) adding a default and CHECK CONSTRAINT.

Drop Table OrdersXML

--create the table with the XML Datatype

--using a default value

--also has the check constraints



   xOrders XML NOT NULL Default '<Orders>'

 CONSTRAINT xml_orderconstraint



Now this example from before will fail.

Insert Into OrdersXML (OrderDocID, xOrders) Values (3, 'steve')

When you attempt to insert data that will violate the xml_orderconstraint you get the following error message from SQL Server:

Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Line 1

INSERT statement conflicted with CHECK constraint

'xml_orderconstraint'. The conflict occurred in database

'AdventureWorks', table 'OrdersXML', column 'xOrders'.

The statement has been terminated.


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# Monday, January 10, 2005

The Mets made a spash as did the Jets this weekend, but marathon training is right on schedule, a 5 mile race was ran on Sunday with the usual results (Kathleen beating us). This is the first of 9 races to qualify for the 2006 New York City Marathon. Antarctica marathon is 47 days away...

Last Name

First Name







































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# Thursday, January 6, 2005

Since I speak at the SDC in the Netherlands so much (every year since 1997 I think?) I decided to open a cafe in the Netherlands. Here is my buddy Remi Caron after he discovered my cafe.


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# Tuesday, January 4, 2005

This is a photo from the USS Abraham Lincoln over the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

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# Monday, January 3, 2005

When you want to view a web site that has a Quick Time video and you go to Apple.com to download the free Quick Time player for Windows 2000 or XP, you HAVE to install iTunes. What does iTunes have to do with QuickTime? So many move previews are done in QuickTime and Apple knows this. So they are using their dominance in one area to force something else on us. Somebody call the US Justice Department.

Anyway Apple owns the iPod market, but a years worth of iPod sales is equal to 2 weeks of Dell shipments…

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