# Monday, 20 September 2004


But bloggers are better fact checkers than Dan Rather, so I guess you can say that bloggers are other forms of news sites, opinion sites, and technical resources.

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# Sunday, 19 September 2004

At least Michael Moore admits he is biased.

Time to resign Dan.

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# Thursday, 16 September 2004

Tech Ed is all over for me did three sessions:

SQL Server Notification Services

XML in Yukon

ASP .NET Cache

I had about 400 people in each session and the Notification Services session was one of the top ranked sessions so far with an 8.0. (More on Score Whores and XML this weekend when I get home.)

Now I start counting the days to Kilimanjaro....

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# Wednesday, 15 September 2004

We are all here and Clemens is not. So we got drunk and called him. Too bad for him.

Did two sessions today, SQL Server Notification Services and ASP .NET Cache Engine. Totally rocked about 400 people in each class. XML in Yukon is tomorrow.

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# Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Ask the experts went great. Replicaiton, OLAP (virtual cubes), sp_ recompile, and Yukon ship dates (don't ask)

We went out for SQL Hera's birthday, but she was lame and went home early before we went to the nighclub.  Went to Punjabi night club and danced for 2 hours straight with Goksin and Sanjay. I am 6 tequila shots in, Malek is an evil man.

2 sessions tomorrow...

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# Monday, 13 September 2004

Day 1 of TechEd Malaysia went off without a hitch. SQL Hera, Kimberly Tripp, did a 7.5 hour precon while the rest of us took the morning off and visited the Batu Caves, amazing 1,000 foot long limestone stalagmite/tite cave that were used by Hindus as a temple. An amazing thing to think about is the natural cathedial that formed in the caves and the Hindus put in the statues. We had to walk up over 275 steps and jump over ravenous monkeys to get in.


There was also a Hindu god that had a cow with boobs. Pretty cool stuff.


After an authentic Malaysian lunch at a local dive we headed to the Chinese Buddhist temple. Quite an amazing place. I lit some incense and also washed my face with holy water for luck. I also received a fortune with Chinese fortune sticks.


After this fun it was back to the conference center. My first session (1 of 5) is tomorrow.

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# Sunday, 12 September 2004

Been traveling in Asia for a 10 days without Internet but now in KL for TechEd 2004!

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# Thursday, 02 September 2004

My office mate, Bob Plummer is keeping a blog of the protests:



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