# Friday, August 27, 2004

A report from the front lines at the meeting on campus this week.


First Kimberly Tripp, aka the SQL Goddess, is mad at Clemens and I that we have dubbed her the SQL Goddess and now via the power of Google, she is now known as the SQL Goddess. So I decided to start call her SQL Hera (with the Olympics and all). But I need you help. Google works with links so you all have to link to her and use the term SQL Hera in your blogs and such so Google will pick it on up. So here is the deal: SQL Hera, SQL Hera, SQL Hera, SQL Hera. Put it in your blog. Make a web page. Kimberly will love us all for it.


Who’s bed did you sleep in last night? That seems to be a common question at the meeting this week since we are all sharing rooms. Clemens and I are sharing a room but NOT a bed.


So today Jim Allchin made a major announcement saying that WinFS is being pulled from Longhorn. The real good news is that it will make Longhorn released in 2006 and MS will ship Avalon and Indigo for WinXP and 2003. This is pretty cool! But delaying WinFS is ok if it will make it right.

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# Thursday, August 26, 2004

Microsoft has gathered 300 of its top internal and 3rd party (RDs) Evangelists in one place and have given us a brain dump on their 7 major categories over the next few years. I am sitting in on the Yukon/SQL Server category.


Many RDs are here and we of course are causing lots of mischief. Lots of info overload here today…


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# Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Northwind is oficially dead, it will not ship with Yukon. This is good, Northwind was bad, very bad.

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# Tuesday, August 24, 2004

 I installed Windows XP SP2. It ran without issue. Many people complain (most recently the Wall Street Journal) that SP2 does not include as part of the offering anti-Spam, anti-Spyware and anti-Virus. These are the same exact people who would complain that Microsoft is putting these independent third party people out of business. You can’t have it both ways.


XP2 is good enough. It automatically puts on your firewall and adds a pop-up blocker to IE, even though I run the google and msn toolbars, now I have three pop-up blockers. My  system seems stable and they have worked on the WiFi dialogs, lets see if it is any easier to connect to a local access point. The new “Security Center” may not be perfect but at least is a step in the right direction and future versions of Windows I am sure will build on top of this.


As for programs not working, we all knew this. If you are doing remote debugging with VS .NET or SQL Server you may have to tweak your system to accept the client requests, etc, but most non-developer and non-admin stuff will run fine. Microsoft has a list here.


So go install the damn thing.

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# Friday, August 20, 2004

I hate the RIAA more than Osama bin Laden, The New York Yankees and Communists combined. Why? There is so much to hate. (If you are counting I only hate OPEC, DeBeers and every telco out there more.)


The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) represents the most criminal elements of our society, the Recording Industry executives.  They sit in-between the artists and you and me-the consumer. When you pay $12 for a new CD how much of that money goes to the artist? Nothing. If you don’t believe me, read Courtney Love’s number crunching here (I’ll wait).


Yesterday the RIAA lost a major legal battle. File swapping companies Grokster, StreamCast, and Sharman Network were being sued by the RIAA to be closed down. This begs the question if I send you a mail bomb via FexEd can you sue FedEx? (No) Thankfully the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals followed Canada’s lead and ruled in favor of the on-line swappers saying that since there is no central server, there is no liability.


So once again to the RIAA, why do you constantly try to litigate away technology. MP3 and downloaded music is here to stay. Find a way to monetize it instead of litigating it. Until you do so I am going to keep downloading for free. (I don’t pay for iTunes because I refuse to buy an iPod and Apple’s music won’t work on my current MP3 player.)

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# Thursday, August 19, 2004

My favorite city, Kathmandu is under a blockade by the Maoists rebels. This is a problem, the rebels have been targeting Kathmandu more and more in recent months (starting with the General Strike and such when I was there a year ago). A few days ago a hotel I stayed in in 2002 had 5 bombs go off in it. This is going to kill tourism to the South Col Route to Everest and force climbers to attempt Everest via the China side.

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# Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I have gotten lots of email about how to obtain inner peace while still working in a cube. People think that because I am self employed that I have an advantage over them about this. Well my pal Julie Lerman emailed me the other day and hinted that she is taking on too many commitments. So that is where I will start.


Many people are too busy. The older you get the busier you get. Some people can’t even relax on vacation. My advice is that you should just relax a little. Leave work at work, just as you should leave play at play. Find something that you like to do every day. (For me it is riding my bike, running, swimming, lifting, etc). It make take you a while to find out what that is, be it reading romance novels, talking on the phone to distant friends, or even surfing porn on the internet, I don’t care. The first step to actually do it. If you can’t find two hours a day to do it, then you have your priorities all wrong, you are working too much, or something else. And these are not I will get up at 5am two hours, and preferable they are non-consecutive hours. (I gave this advice to Andy Catlin over a year ago and he still lives by it, and he is way smarter than me.) Start with 30 minuets if you are super busy. Then move to an hour, etc. If you protest to me and say “Steve I am super duper busy at the office, you don’t understand.” I have two things to say. Yes I do understand, I am super duper busy and I worked on Wall Street on the Y2K project, you know 100 hours a week. Second is that nobody on their deathbed said “I wish I spent more time doing the things that did not make me happy and were a low priority in my life.”


So after you get there the next step is easy. It is simple, live your dreams. (Well at least the best you could.)I have wanted to go to Mt. Everest since I was 7 years old. I finally did and when I got there a little voice in my head said “What were you waiting for?” Life is too short, live your dreams. No excuses, make it happen. If your dreams are super bold like mine (Climb Mount Everest), do something (like at least go the damn mountain) at least in the neighborhood. I also want to ride in the Tour de France. We all know that is not going to happen, but I do bike races locally against other amateurs at my level and one summer soon I am going to take the time off and follow the tour as a crazy spectator.


Ok, see you all on the other side…

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# Monday, August 16, 2004

I was a competitive swimmer and cyclist growing up. I was even captain of my High School swim team. I have also been doing triathlons since then. (Unfortunately I have to sit out of a tri this weekend due to an injury) So every 4 years I am glued to the TV to watch the cycling, swimming (and diving, I dove too), and track and field events. And of course whatever women was in my life (from moms, to wifes to girlfriends) at the time made me watch the gymnastics.


Tonight (2:30 EDT) in Athens is the match up of the entire Olympics. Ian Thorpe (21) of Australia and Michael Phelps (19) of Baltimore, MD. These two kids can swim. They have lots of world records and 2004 Olympic medals already. (They are trying to catch Mark Spitz from 1972 with 7 gold’s, highly unlikely-nobody can catch mark).


What I am sad to think of is that each of these kids will go home with several medals (they each have a gold already I think) and if they “only” get 4 or 5 medals people in the media, etc, will say it is a disappointment. Screw them and their internet “what have you done for me lately” reality TV-obsessed, recall vote culture.

Tune in tonight (8pm EDT tape delay in the US) and watch some great competition!

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