# Wednesday, August 4, 2004

So my trusty Dell Inspiron 4150 is just over a year old. It has flown 157, 403 miles (thanks aa.com). It has been to strange places like Alaska and Mt. Everest. Egypt twice, Morocco, Tunis, all over Europe and Asia. I have delivered countless Tech*Ed sessions and the like on this trusty thing.

It has revolted against me! I think it is sick of flying. (Or of the TSA thinking it is an evil terrorist bomb.) Two weeks ago I had to replace the power supply. Then the screen went pink (I blame Kathleen, girl's like pink.) and the keyboard was all shot. So Dell came and gave me a new screen and keyboard last week.

As of Friday I can't turn it on. So Dell is coming today to give me a new motherboard and power button. Stay tuned. Before you know it I will have a whole new computer!

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# Tuesday, August 3, 2004

At 10:15 A.M. on Thursday, August 23rd, 1973 the "Sveriges Kreditbank" of Stockholm, Sweden was rocked by sub-machine gun fire.(1) "The party has just begun", announced a 32 year old prison escapee named Jan-Erik Olsson. "The party", indeed, continued for some 131 hours, or five and a half days, as Olsson held four of the bank's employees hostage in an 11 by 47 foot vault until late in the evening of August 28th.

While the "Sveriges Kreditbank" robbery itself may not have been of world shattering importance, later interviews with the four hostages yielded surprising results -- results that have been confirmed in numerous other "hostage situations" in the years that followed. Even though the captives themselves were not able to explain it, they displayed a strange association with their captors, identifying with them while fearing those who sought to end their captivity. In some cases they later testified on behalf of or raised money for the legal defense of their captors. The Swedish location of the "Sveriges Kreditbank" gave its name to this mental aberration as "The Stockholm Syndrome".

Long-term psychological study of this and similar hostage situations has defined a fairly clear and characteristic set of symptoms for the Stockholm Syndrome:

The captives begin to identify with their captors. At least at first this is a defensive mechanism, based on the (often unconscious) idea that the captor will not hurt the captive if he is cooperative and even positively supportive. The captive seeks to win the favor of the captor in an almost childlike way.

The captive often realizes that action taken by his would-be rescuers is very likely to hurt him instead of obtaining his release. Attempts at rescue may turn a presently tolerable situation into a lethal one. If the bullets of the authorities don't get him, quite possibly those of the provoked captor will.

Long term captivity builds even stronger attachment to the captor as he becomes known as a human being with his own problems and aspirations. Particularly in political or ideological situations, longer captivity also allows the captive to become familiar with the captor's point of view and the history of his grievances against authority. He may come to believe that the captor's position is just.

The captive seeks to distance himself emotionally from the situation by denial that it is actually taking place. He fancies that "it is all a dream", or looses himself in excessive periods of sleep, or in delusions of being magically rescued. He may try to forget the situation by engaging in useless but time consuming "busy work". Depending on his degree of identification with the captor he may deny that the captor is at fault, holding that the would-be rescuers and their insistence on punishing the captor are really to blame for his situation.

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# Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bagged the second highest mountain in the lowqer 48. It was super hard. But super rewarding. Kimberly Tripp has some photos here.

VSLive starts tomorrow so some techie blogs due soon. :)

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# Thursday, July 22, 2004
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# Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Lance is back in Yellow.

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# Monday, July 19, 2004

One of my childhood heros has fallen to a new low and is not only no longer a hero of mine but I would punch him in the face next time I see him. Last time I saw him we did shots together, next time, you will be taking shots. from me.


In an interview with French daily Le Monde, Greg LeMond -- winner of the Tour de France in 1986, 1989 and 1990 said Cycling is doped and so is Lance Armstrong. He accused Lance of being a liar and a cheater, even though Lance has been cleared over and over again. Even though I have loyalty to Greg and my best friend growing up, Bill, is currently captain of Greg’s pro racing team, I have to say Greg you have now crossed the line.


Greg has never like Lance Armstrong. Maybe because when Lance (pre-cancer) started racing in 1994 he said “I am not the next Greg LeMond, I am the next Lance Armstrong.” Or maybe Lance’s victories have made Greg seem like an also-ran. Whatever it is, you must stop now Greg. Lance is a true hero and an inspiration to us all. You are a washed up athlete shooting off your mouth.

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# Friday, July 16, 2004

So the last time our NYC .NET Developer User Group speaker Brad McCabe came to speak, there was a fire in the Microsoft building and we had to evacuate. (And I did the raffle on the street.) Last night he came back and there was massive flooding in New Jersey where he lives, so he could not make it. I had to pinch hit.


I had the most fun speaking at a user group in years. I did a session on the ASP .NET Cache engine and we spend almost 2 hours talking all about the cache and dependencies like files and databases. Code and slides downloadable soon.

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# Thursday, July 15, 2004

I thought it was “Dynasty” but Prince sang it like that last night while sporting a I Love New York Tee-Shirt. A great concert by Prince last night at the World's Most Famous Arena. (Madison Square Garden to you non-New Yorkers.)

A mixture of funk, acoustic guitar, blues and classic Prince tunes, the concert was well worth the trip. Kathleen's favorite song was the acoustic guitar version of “little red corvette.“




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