# Friday, July 16, 2004

So the last time our NYC .NET Developer User Group speaker Brad McCabe came to speak, there was a fire in the Microsoft building and we had to evacuate. (And I did the raffle on the street.) Last night he came back and there was massive flooding in New Jersey where he lives, so he could not make it. I had to pinch hit.


I had the most fun speaking at a user group in years. I did a session on the ASP .NET Cache engine and we spend almost 2 hours talking all about the cache and dependencies like files and databases. Code and slides downloadable soon.

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# Thursday, July 15, 2004

I thought it was “Dynasty” but Prince sang it like that last night while sporting a I Love New York Tee-Shirt. A great concert by Prince last night at the World's Most Famous Arena. (Madison Square Garden to you non-New Yorkers.)

A mixture of funk, acoustic guitar, blues and classic Prince tunes, the concert was well worth the trip. Kathleen's favorite song was the acoustic guitar version of “little red corvette.“




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# Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It was a long night, but the rack is all set up and installed. I did some heavy lifting and even got my hands and clothes dirty. This is a new side of IT for me.

RAID all ok. I've got app servers talking to the SQL Servers. Only problem left is the VPN router. Stay tuned.

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# Tuesday, July 13, 2004
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In the process of installing Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition on three Dell Power Edges. Quite simple actually. Just wait the blog post when I have to install the RAID controller drivers. :)

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# Friday, July 9, 2004

My buddy Clemens Vasters wrote a few days ago that you don't need inheritance or full data encapsulation for business objects. Some other dude wrote a passionate response to him saying that he was all wrong.

You see out here in the real world, in the coding trenches, the “full data encapsulation” in your business objects just doesn’t hold any water. Who reuses a customer object between applications? At my company we don’t even have a customer object! But we do have customers. :) The data logic all should be handled by the database. Way too much effort, code and BS to deal with when you do it otherwise.

Academic conference speakers who don't write code in the real world always argue to over complex-ify the application. I'm sorry, anyone paid to write code in a production environment has no desire to throw all this logic into the objects and have lots of levels of inheritance so they are “reusing code”. Sure sure we all read the Gang of Four's book and spend a year using all the design patterns but then come back after that year only using the few that make sense to our application. Academic conference speakers who don't write production code should take a year off, write some production code and then come back and see what they have to say.

 Lastly at the PDC Clemens said publicly that rows and columns suck and all you need in a database is a PK field and an XML field. Looks like he changed his tune, at least on storage, we all can learn buddy.

What you end up with are elements and attributes (infoset) for the data that flows across, services that deal with the data that flows, and rows and columns that efficiently store data and let you retrieve it flexibly and quickly.”



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# Thursday, July 8, 2004

Today I get to start playing with my new toys. Who said that Richard Campbell is the only one who can geek out and build a rack. (But he has helped me pick out my rack and given me good advice.)


So I got three PowerEdges from Dell, one big momma database server with RAID 5 and all the works and two thin ones. They are all redundant power and the processors are hyper threaded. So this is going to be a fun task setting this all up, getting the UPS power supply to the correct amps. Installing the correct rack rails. The router. VPN/RDP. RAID. And of course I have to install Windows 2003 on each server. I think I will use the Dell Open Manage Assistant for help with that. See you soon…

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# Tuesday, July 6, 2004

The weekend started the Tour de France and so far it is going as expected, Lance Armstrong is pretty much in the lead. Going for 6!

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# Thursday, July 1, 2004

Oh what a day it was yesterday. First the Fed raised interest rates. This is an important event that basically affects everyone in the world. The interest rates in the United States were way too low. The US Dollar fell 27% against the Euro and 18% against the Japanese Yen since January 2002 and a mortgage boom was created in the USA. The US was in danger to experience inflation and an overheating economy. Countries like China that have their currency pegged to the US Dollar were starting to experience inflation.  Other central banks like Canada may follow suit. But not Europe. They can’t raise rates, the Euro zone is only expected to grow around 1.8% this year compared to the estimates for 4.5% for the US Economy.


What does this have to do with anything important you ask? For starters my buddy Clemens Vasters can finally shut the fuck up! Every time I see him he tells me how strong the Euro is and how it is a real currency and that the dollar is nothing and on its way down. And proof that the US is on its way down as world leader is show by the declining dollar. Soon all world transactions will be done in Euro, including oil. Well crazy talk ends today, thank you Alan Greenspan. The only reason why the Euro was so strong was that in the USA interest rates were effectively zero, with the US raising rates and a stronger economy and the Euro zone keeping rates the same, the US currency begins a years long resurgence against the Euro. (But I will still love you my humbled German friend)


Next Spider Man 2 opened and trounced the anti-Bush propaganda film Fahrenheit 9/11. Spider Man made more in its first 15 minutes than Fahrenheit 9/11 did in its first weekend. Ok cool, I am not one of those crazies who think that the film should not be shown, but as long as we all know that Moore cherry picked the issues, used sensationalism, and out of context clips to help enhance his point. No big deal, I am just glad to see Spidey back on the big screen and left wing propaganda defeated by computerized special effects. (Maybe I will make my own movie called bad men flew planes into buildings that I worked in and I am now pissed off.) *This section of today’s blog sponsored by Progressive Systems Consulting. Just kidding Andrew.. :)


NASA also flew a satellite into Saturn’s rings, which apparently sent back photos showing sharp edges and ripples of energy in the rings. As a kid I thought I could ride my bike on those rings, I guess I am mistaken.


Yesterday also saw Mono released! So now we have .NET for Linux. This is so cool. Also it is proof that Microsoft is Borg.


Microsoft launched a new search engine to compete with Google today. Most importantly, they spent a year improving the algorithms used to search the web doing super cool stuff like Google and preview the technology here. This is quite important, there has not been any new innovation in the search technology since Google came on the scene a number of years ago. Google and Yahoo will compete, and this is good. I don’t personally like it since if you search the new MSN for me, the first site to come up is some other crackhead named Stephen Forte, not me! Google brings me up and only me for like 20 pages. Fix that Bill! I will do a comparison one day and blog it here.


Ok and the big news of the day. Speaking of Microsoft, the DOJ case is finally over! An appeals court threw out the states last appeal against the company. Basically yesterday’s ruling struck down Massachusetts' appeal of a 2001 settlement between Microsoft. and the DOJ. Massachusetts was seeking stronger remedies against MS. Ok now they get nothing. Good. I went to DC a few times to testify, lobby and complain in the late 90s on this trial. Ok, so now they have to deal with the EU and Media Player, but let’s saver this one. It is the final nail in the anti-trust coffin here in the United States. So I am happy. Microsoft's (and other companies') right to decide the design and engineering of their products was upheld - which bodes well for all industry companies. Meaning the frigging government won’t decide how I write my next piece of software. How 1984 is that?


Ok so it was a good day yesterday. I guess someone will break into my house today. :)

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