# Monday, May 24, 2004

Our session called From Interoperability to Migration: SQL Server and Linux Databases Working Together which was in Cabana 08 went awesome today. We showed a SQL Server linked Server connecting to an Oracle 10g database running under Red Hat. Enough said.

For all of you that attended, not sure how to get the 2 8gb VPC images to you just yet, but we will find a way. Stay tuned.

I signed many RD Bingo cards. Good luck to everyone.

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# Sunday, May 23, 2004

Day 1 of TechEd is going well.  


You need to play Regional Director Bingo. Get your bingo cards at the RD booth at 49-50. You can also play the Apprentice .NET game for a chance to be Bill Gates’ apprentice (al la Donald Trump). Well maybe not Bill’s but you will get lots of prizes, etc.


Went to my session room at the Cabana area and well there are only about 30 chairs, so come early tomorrow, we have almost 100 people registered for the talk tomorrow on Linux and SQL Server.  


Arrived last night and already got drunk with Clemens, Malek, Kathleen and Richard. I have never seen Richard drunk before!!

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# Saturday, May 22, 2004

At JFK International Airport ready to leave for Tech*ED. It is amazing just how many RDs will be there, it is annually the largest gathering of RDs at any given time.


I am looking forward to the keynotes, my session and several other sessions, including Clemens’ talk where he actually uses SQL Server in transactions and stuff like that. I guess if the Berlin Wall can fall, Clemens can use SQL Sever. :)


Riding out there on the plane with Bill Zack, my Yukon book co-author and co-moderator of the NYC .NET Developers Users Group.


If you have never been to TechED before, one note, this year is sold out (11,000 people!) and just get to everything EARLY to avoid the lines. Also pay close attention to the parties, they are fun too. Remember the social interaction is why we come here. Get out and talk your latest project’s architecture with a complete stranger from Minnesota who you meet on the bus going to the attendee party. That is where the real action is at TechEd. I remember last year on the subway in Barcelona at TechED Europe, there was a 4 way conversation between 4 complete strangers (but we all had the red teched bag) about transactions and error handling and where the business logic goes. I don’t even remember the guys names and I am sure that they don’t remember me (besides being a silly American) but it was the best technical talk of the conference!

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# Friday, May 21, 2004

Is what Richard Campbell just said to me on the phone. Our Windows client can now talk to our Linux Oracle Server. Our demos will work for Monday. We have some pretty hard core demos.

DATC02  From Interoperability to Migration: SQL Server and Linux Databases Working Together

Monday, May 24 1:30 PM- 2:45 PM, Cabana 08
Speaker(s): Richard Campbell, Stephen Forte
Track(s): Data Management
"They" say it can be done, now see it in action! This session demonstrates how SQL Server can acts as the gateway to interoperability with Linux databases such as DB2 and Oracle! You'll see a fully functioning Linux-based web application using Red Hat Linux, Apache, PHP and Oracle sharing data with an identically implemented ASP.NET application using SQL Server. This session shows not only how to interoperate, but to use these interoperate capabilities to facilitate a seamless migration from the Linux based system to SQL Server and Windows . This is how migration was meant to be!
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Last night the NYC .NET Developers Group had our most interesting meeting ever. Brad McCabe from Infragistics did a talk on Tablet PC Development. (Andrew kept asking about the Ink and Stroke objects.)

About ¾ of the way through, the fire alarm went off. There was a fire on the first floor and we all had to evacuate the building via the stairs. (I inhaled a lot of smoke in the lobby, but am a-ok.) So Brad McCabe's smoking HOT tablet PC talk ended with a visit from NYFD engine 24 and ladder 19.

I decided that the show must go on and we did the raffle on the street while the firemen were running into the building.

We will be talking about this one for years.

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# Thursday, May 20, 2004

My pal Tom Howe always seems to be reformatting his computer at conferences the day before he speaks. I always mock him. As I leave for the most important conference of the year, TechED US in San Diego on Saturday, I am reformatting my laptop and reinstalling the OS.

I had some major issues. Boot sector issues (Richard Campbell gave me a few ideas, including messing w/ my BIOS). Video driver problems in XP. WiFi problems in Longhorn. The drive not being NTFS. SHall I go on? I seem to be in for a long night.

Thankfully we are doing our TechED demos off Ricahrd's laptop!! I usually follow my own advice, but the machine really needed a reformat. How many Dell laptops have been to Mt. Everest? I guess like me it just wants to go back.

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# Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The 9/11 Commission has went too far. It needs to be de-commissioned and is a waste of taxpayer money. In case you are not following, the commission was put together to find out what happened on 9/11 (I thought evil terrorists flew planes into buildings). In USA political speak, it was put together to point fingers. The 9/11 commission came to New York yesterday.


The 9/11 commission hearing yesterday in Manhattan turned into a series of angry finger-pointing exchanges — and one panel member ripped the city's response to the World Trade Center attack as "not worthy of the Boy Scouts."


I have never been so angry in my life. The emergency response team of the City of New York are absolute heroes. Every last one of them. I personally worked at the September 11th Fund for almost a year working on a database that distributed donations to the widows and orphans of the over 350 deceased cops and firemen. The money came from average Americans. They seem to agree with me.


To suggest that the emergency service people did not do a good job or even to suggest that they were unprepared is simply wrong and proof that the 9/11 commission has taken itself too seriously. Before 9/11 the largest disaster the city had to deal with was maybe a bad hurricane, not terrorists flying 767s into buildings. The fire department usually loses 3 or 4 firemen a year in bad fires. That day over 350 firemen died while responding to fires on the top floors of the world’s 3rd and 4th tallest buildings. Then those buildings collapsed and it took over 3 months to put the fires out and almost a year to clean up the debris.


So 9/11 Commission, why not do the right thing and resign and go home. Oh the report you are going to deliver in the summer?  I can sum it up for you here and save the taxpayers money:


  1. If the Clinton Administration knew about 9/11 they would have tried to stop it.
  2. If the Bush Administration knew about 9/11 they would have tried to stop it.
  3. We need more human intelligence Cold War style against al Qaeda.
  4. The Emergency Service Personal in New York, DC and PA are true American heroes. I have the Hero Stamp issued by the Post Office to prove it.
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# Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The nation's tallest volcano and the continental US' second highest peak, Mt. Rainer is a great climb. I plan to stand on the summit and look at the beautiful Pacific Northwest this July.

While I like to climb this mountain (my photos from my trip up Rainer last year are here), it is also one that at over 14,000' demands tremendous respect. Whenever I fly into Seattle (which oddly is quite often) you can see it standing there all menacing above the clouds. On Saturday two climbers from the east coast tried to summit Rainer. The climbers were stranded at 12,300 feet from Saturday to Monday on a 45-degree slope with steep and rocky terrain above and below them. The climber who died fell 30 feet early Saturday on Liberty Ridge -- one of the most difficult routes up the 14,410-foot mountain. His climbing partner was able to reach him, set up a tent and call for help on a cell phone. A dramatic rescue happened on Monday, but unfortunately the climber died in the hospital.

A sad day for my sport and a great peak. My thoughts go out to the climber and his family today.



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# Monday, May 17, 2004

My favorite TV show, “Law and Order” is a very good show. I Tivo it and it is basically the only show I really watch on TV. One problem, for the last 5 years there have been various spin-offs and there are reruns for Law and Order on like 7 days a week. So there is just way too much Law and Order on TV!! Law and Order overload.

Same problem in blogland. My mom has a blog. Bill Gates is considering blogging. Your mom has a blog. George Bush as a blog. My dog has a blog. Where does it end? When such stong willed people like Richard Campbell feel that they have to blog you know that the end is near.

Blogland is way too crowded. Now I have to keep up with the web, emails and blogs. Information overload. Help. I don't think it will get better anytime soon.

Suddenly I wish it were 1994 and we all had 14.4 modems.

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