# Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Vacation Time!

Off ot Maui, see you in a week.....

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# Monday, February 9, 2004

Sure it is Fast, but How Much does it Cost?


I was quoted today in eWeek saying that the SPEC benchmarks for Web Service performance are useless unless they include price per performance statistics. Come on IBM, show us the money.

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# Friday, February 6, 2004

You Have Photos


Last year I took about 4 gigs of photos around the world. I choose to post a select few and have put them on line yesterday (Finally!)


A few trips have already been up, you can get all the photos here.


The trip to Tunisia for the NDC 2003 in June was a lot of fun.  Beach, conference, Carthage, Tunis and lots of smoking J.


The next week I was speaking at TechED in Barcelona.


In August I scaled Mt. Rainer with Kevin and Joel.


In last August I spoke at TechEdD in Kuala Lumpur, before heading to Mt. Everest and India.


This year I promise to get my photos online faster.  Last week I spoke at the MDC in Egypt. Some photos are here.

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# Monday, February 2, 2004

Mandatory Death Penalty Required


The author of the MyDoom.b virus has left an apology inside of his code saying that he is just doing his “job”, which implies that some other evil person is paying him to write the virus.


How about this: I am sorry that you are and your employer are still alive and breathing. I propose a mandatory death penalty for internet virus authors. That will sure deter people from funding and writing them. On top of that a $100 fine for every individual who opens an email virus and spreads it around. You can pay that $100 to some global organization to pay for a reward to lead to the virus creator’s capture.

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# Sunday, February 1, 2004

DevDays Sessions

I will be doing two sessions at DevDays in New York and Newark:

Threats and Threat Modeling and the closing keynote: The Future of Microsoft Development Tools.

See you there!

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# Saturday, January 31, 2004



I always get a lot of email correspondence from attendees after a conference, but since I have been home in New York I have gotten over 40 emails from attendees of this week’s MDC in Cairo. They are all very warm and thankful emails, I appreciate each and every one of them. I will get back to all of them too very soon. This was a great show.

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# Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Its Official, Raise Your Glasses, We’re Gonna Party to Damascus


The MDC is over as soon as it has started. We speakers received the most warm thank you and good bye from the attendees as I have ever had.


I spoke for about 7 hours straight. Four sessions with no breaks since the attendees had so many questions.


I had a blast talking to all of the Egyptians. We talked about Egypt’s bid for FIFA in 2010 (World Cup) and politics et al. Lastly we took a boat cruise and I danced with a Belly Dancer at a real Egyptian wedding.


All of the code from my sessions will be on gotdotnet.com soon.


See you all next year!

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The New Virus


There is a new email Virus going around. Don’t blame Microsoft or even the person who created the virus. It has been 5 years since the Melissa virus, if users are still propagating the email viruses, then let’s blame them (us).


More info, I already got about 10 emails from friends saying “test” and stuff like that:




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# Sunday, January 25, 2004

Can I Have Some Hummus Please?


Day 1 of the MDC is under way here in Cairo and Bill Gates’ Keynote went over well, his first time in Egypt and first time speaking in the Middle East. While Bill was talking about reliable computing, there was a power outage, we all got a chuckle.


Visited the Grand Pyramids today as well as did some shopping on my spare time. I have been in the country for over 24 hours now and still have not had any hummus. Maybe some soon…


Alexanderia tomorrow and then 4 sessions back to back to back to back on Tuesday.

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