# Thursday, June 5, 2003

Dallas, Texas (Speaking at Tech*Ed)

Tech*Ed is going great. My session had about 700 people in it and my evaluations were super. I have one more session today then party with Smash Mouth and the Wallflowers before I head home tomorrow.


I went off on a rant today about C# v VB. Will this stupid conversation just die? I am sick of it. Basically someone did a project and built the middle tier in C# and the front end in VB .NET and then failed code review at their client since they used VB .NET on the client and VB .NET was not part of their standards. He went off on why does VB get no respect. I wrote:

I am not going to start a C# v VB .NET thread, however, usually when you start on a project you have something called a requirements or design document that states what technology you are using like the OS, service packs, version of the framework, language and 3rd party components. To find out during code review that the client doesn’t want to use a certain language only shows the author’s inexperience as a consultant and his professional immaturity.


Lastly, if you built the middle tier in C#, what valid reasons did they have to do the client in VB .NET? Were these reasons (if they exist) given to the client up front, or were they just sprung it on them at code review (it appears that it was just sprung on them). Hey the client is paying the bills and if they want C#, they get C#. The client has to live with the application.



I will be sad to leave Tech*Ed tomorrow. Ok, ok, the Juval story. I stole the cutout of the cardboard Juval. The web site will have a where's Juval section soon. After some parties, tech sessions and long discussion with my colleagues, I have come to agree with Scott Hanselman’s comment that the colleagues on the speakers circuit and in the Regional Director program are like brothers in a frat-but just a high tech frat. I have had the pleasure to work with a lot of great people over the years, but the people who I have met on the speaking circuit over the last 6 years are some of my closet friends, even if I only see them a few times a year.



Ok and the parties are cool too. At the “bone” last night, I was slam dancing with Brian Randall (those of you won don’t know Brian, he has about 100 lbs on me) and dancing the blues with some good friends,  as Steve Lasker observed:


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What else would you expect from Rock Stars? 


As witnessed at several parties around town, RD's Rock in more ways then just on stage presentations.  While the old motto still holds of "what happens on the road, stays on the road", suffice to stay, your fellow RD's are holding up their social presentation skills as well.  Let's just say a certain RD was seen dancing around the roof of a dog treat with many others watching in amusement, as well as jealousy of the attractive counter part.


I'm once again proud to be surrounded by such... well, fun loving people:)



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# Monday, June 2, 2003

Dallas, Texas. (Speaking at Tech*ED)

Recovering from the Regional Director party last night. Did way too much karaoke with Steve Lasker, Jon Box and Scott Stanfield. We had some good fun. I did decide that Scott Hanselman is not as cool as I thought, he backed out on some of my pranks. Clemens Vasters on the other hand is lots of fun and will party hard at Tech*ED in Europe and Asia as well as Africa.

Day 1 of TechED was good so far. Started with a morning run and then attended Adam Cogan's session on SQL Server and hung out and caught up in the speakers lounge. Proctered the SQL CE lab and then head off to a dinner with MSFT SR. VP Paul Flessner. I speak on Wedneday and Thursday, so I need to get my demos up and running!

I rewrote some examples. Here is some code to toggle the color of a cell in a DataGrid based on the data presented:

public void ToggleYellow(object sender, DataGridItemEventArgs e)


if (e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.Item || e.Item.ItemType == ListItemType.AlternatingItem)


//get the data that is in the current record

if (e.Item.Cells[2].Text == "Sales Representative")


//make the cell yellow

e.Item.Cells[2].BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Yellow;



Here is a custom sorting routine:

private void SortGrid(object source,DataGridSortCommandEventArgs e)


//SQL String that will be used

string strSQL = "Select * From Customers";

//the Order By

string strOrderBy = "ASC";

//See what the viewstate has for the sortfield and ASC/DESC

if (e.SortExpression.ToString() == ViewState["sortField"].ToString())


//a match, see if ASC or DESC

strOrderBy = ViewState["sortDirection"].ToString();

//now toggle the viewstate for later

switch (strOrderBy)


case "ASC":

ViewState["sortDirection"] = "DESC";


case "DESC":

ViewState["sortDirection"] = "ASC";






//New Field, so it will be ASC by default, so make DESC

ViewState["sortField"] = e.SortExpression.ToString();

ViewState["sortDirection"] = "DESC";


//SQL statement compelted

strSQL = strSQL + " " + " ORDER BY [" + e.SortExpression + "] " + strOrderBy;

//set the grid to the first page before you resort

DataGrid1.CurrentPageIndex = 0;

//call the FillGrid method to rebind the grid w/ new OrderBy



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