# Friday, January 16, 2009

Recently I have been getting comment spam in my blog. I would like to think that my blogs gets millions of hits and I am super popular, but I realize that I have only a few thousand loyal readers on Feedburner (thanks for reading!) and sometimes I get syndicated on theregion.com or someone like Roger Jennigns posts a link to one of my essays. So my blog should not be all that much of a spam target.

Richard Campbell made a real blog post about a product his company was working about a month ago. Since then there has been targeted comment spam on several blogs, including mine. Someone calling themselves “Rich” is reposting that blog post over and over in the comments of several blogs of people in the .NET community, including mine. “Rich” is most likely doing this manually since I use Captcha for comments and Gravatar icons. “Rich” has reposted this spam on all of my posts for the last month. I have went in and manually deleted them all. Due to “Rich” I now am enabling the approval process for comments into my blog.

So an open message to “Rich”

Just go away. You are making the community spend time on worthless tasks, like deleting your spam. We will find you, what you may not know is that we have been on this at an ISP level for a few weeks now, logging your requests and getting the real IP address you are hiding behind. The ISPs who host the blogs that you are spamming are all coordinating and will find you and shut you down. Why not make yourself useful and write a virus that takes down bin laden’s servers and leave us alone.

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