# Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I was at TechEd Europe in Berlin last November, I sat down with my old friends from DotnetMania in Spain and chatted about Telerik, the cloud (I pimp SQL Azure besides Windows Azure!), developer tools, and also what it means to be a writer (first magazine articles then blogs) and speaking at conferences. I also explain what a Chief Strategy Officer is (I get that a lot) and have a great conversation about R&D and entrepreneurship.

Pay attention, I tell how and when I made the move from VB to C#. It is a bit geeky. Winking smile I also touch on the HTML5 v Silverlight debate (which was a hot topic back last November.) We finish up with a walk down memory lane to dispel the hype that we will “write once, run many” with HTML5.


Interview with Stephen Forte (CSO of Telerik) from Netalia on Vimeo.

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