# Monday, June 30, 2008

Yesterday was my last day of MBA classes and needless to say I was out partying hard last night. I woke up early for some strange reason and decided to get a jump on my book chapters for the upcoming Programming SQL Server 2008 from Microsoft Press.

My VPC died on me so I decided to give SQL Server 2008 RC0 an install on a spare machine (what better to do on a Sunday morning with a hangover). I remember reading that if you have SQL Server 2005 Express edition installed you will have trouble installing RC0. So I went in and uninstalled everything on a spare machine, too hungover to reformat. I figured I am an MBA now, I should make myself more efficient.

Well, even with nothing left of SQL Server 2005, I still got a very mean error message (well after I entered in all the account, mixed mode, information):

"The SQL Server 2005 Express Tools are installed.  To continue, remove the SQL Server 2005 Express Tools."

I was not happy since I had already removed it. So I started removing Visual Studio 2005 too. That did not work. So I decided the next thing to do was Google. Someone else had to have had this pain already. Found this post from Jason Follas. He said that if you have Red Gate SQL Prompt software installed, as I did, it leaves a bad registry key and showed how to fix it. Read the blog post here.

I can't live without Red Gate SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare so I did not mind losing some time. They save me day and days of time over the year. The good news is that Red Gate left a note on Jason's blog that the issue has been resolved.

I guess the MBA was lost on me. Oh well, at least I can write TSQL and google for install problems...

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