# Thursday, November 6, 2008

Next week at TechEd Europe I will be doing two talks on Scrum (with one repeat) and we are trying something new at TechEd this year, so let me know what you think.

The talk on Tuesday, DVM309: Using Scrum to Run Your Projects, is a typical TechEd breakout session in lecture format with Q&A encouraged. I’ll go through slides and examples from my experience as a scrum master (and also share some of my experiences from the certified scrum master class.) This is a good overview of Scrum good for beginners or experienced scrum masters trying to scale out scrum.

On Tuesday and Friday we turn the tables in DVP04-IS: The Tech*Ed Daily Scrum! This is an interactive session where I will be passing around a microphone and it will be 100% Q&A, war stories, and interactive, no slides if I can help it. (Come on, ask a lot of questions, tell a lot of war stories make my week a little easier!) I have done the “Daily Scrum” talk about 10 times this year in several places (New York, TechEd US in Orlando, Egypt, Pakistan, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Connecticut .NET User Group, etc) and every time it is different and exciting. I always learn something from the audience as well. Everyone is welcome, you will see how Scrum works in the real world as well as real life implementations. Since it is mostly interactive, it is great for people who want to learn about scrum, as well as experts in Scrum. My only rule is no religious warfare, other than that, anything goes! (Just ask the Serbians, it was also the last session of their conference and we all drank beer as we did the Q&A.)

See you all there… If you can’t make it, I hope they will film it and put it online.

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