# Friday, July 11, 2008

I know this is a technology blog (sort of). But those of you who know me, know that I have an unhealthy obsession with the New York Mets. Why would I say I would visit Yankee Stadium, the home of the enemy?

Yes I root against the Yankees on most occasions, however, I am a baseball fan. The "House that Ruth Built" has a lot of baseball history. Yankee Stadium is being torn down at the end of this year in favor of a new stadium so I had to visit one last time. (My last time there was with Andrew Brust and some Microsofties about 6 years ago, last time before that was in the early 1980s.)

But going to Yankee stadium would involve one big problem: I would have to watch a Yankees game. (I don't watch Mets-Yankees games, I get too nervous. The Mets can go 6-156 for the season, but if those 6 wins are against the Yanks, it is a good season.)

Then last year, Major League Baseball announced the All Star Game was to be played at Yankee Stadium in honor of its closing. Last time an All Star Game was in New York was 1977, and I was only 5, so I could not afford to scalp tickets on stub hub. (Oh wait, Al Gore had not invented the internet yet.) I have wanted to go to the All Star Game since I was about 5, so a life long dream is to go. (Along with both the summer and winter Olympics. Already have plans for Vancouver 2010 and working on London 2012.)

Going to the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium would accomplish two things: complete a lifelong goal of going to the All Star Game and going to Yankee Stadium one last time in its last season (with the added bonus to not have to watch the Yankees!)

By the magic of stubhub, I bought four tickets.  They arrived today. The game is on Tuesday, no rain in the forecast.


PS The Mets are slated to host the 2011 All Star Game at their new park, Citi Field. Maybe I will get to go to 2 All Star Games...

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