# Monday, July 14, 2003

Efficient Data Retrieval?

Is that a good title for an MSDN WebCast? Who knows? But then again, when have I ever did anything normal?

For those of you who did not see this popular session in Dallas at TechEd or can't make it on out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for TechEd in late August, you can catch this session Thursday at 2pm EST via an MSDN WebCast.

When Microsoft asked me to put together this session back in February for TechEd Dallas, I had no idea how to approach it. Target the DBA, TSQL Programmer, or VB/C# programmer? I am not a DBA, not even close. I also don’t think that I am a full time “TSQL Programmer”, even though I spend hours each day writing TSQL. I use to be a full time VB/C# developer, but now as “CTO” of my company, I spend more time architecting and managing than coding, but I still do write a fair amount of C# code each day. (Epically when my developer calls in sick and we have deadlines!)

So I took a radical approach (or what I call the Bill Clinton approach) and tried to be all things to all people. Most small firms in this economic downturn don’t have a full time DBA, SQL Programmer and VB/C# developers on staff. Some times the DBA is the TSQL Programmer and sometimes the VB/C# developer is the TSQL Developer. When I polled the over 700 people who attended this session at TechED, only a handful of the crowd was only one of these jobs, a vast number were all three. This is bad, I am a firm believer in splitting the role of DBA and TSQL programmer as full time positions. But I understand the economic times so this session was born.

So the WebCast? We start with some TSQL code to make data retrieval from SQL Server easier and smarter. (We will talk about the obscure but totally powerful The Rozenshtein Method that my pal Richard Campbell showed me and like being unplugged from the Matrix for the first time I had an epiphany about my relationship with TSQL). After we talk about TSQL we will hit some classic DBA issues, l mostly about indexes and file groups. Then we will move on into taking advantage of this stuff from ADO .NET, all the tips and tricks that the VB/C# developer will enjoy. So there is something for everyone, hope to see you there. You can sign up for it here.

Here is the abstract:

Take a look at how to optimize using Stored Procedures for efficient and secure data retrieval in the middle tier of your Web, Windows, mobile and Web services applications. Learn how to do crosstab queries for reporting that take seconds to execute instead of hours, exploiting sub-queries and taking advantage of self-joining. Explore performance tuning from the perspective of stored procedures used for data retrieval. Look at how to get a higher cache-hit ratio, efficient index creation and utilization and how to guarantee that ADO.NET takes advantage of these optimizations. Focus on squeezing the last bit of performance out of ADO.NET. Look at how to best architect your application to take advantage how ADO.NET was designed to work with data in a disconnected. Look at comparisons between the DataSet and the DataReader, and an explanation of the best use for each of these objects. Look at techniques for using multiple result sets in one DataReader or DataSet for efficient client databinding, using stored procedures for dynamic sorting, proper connection pooling, optimizing connections with the DataAdapter, and ExecuteScalar vs. ExecuteNonQuery comparisons.  

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