# Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have been on the road since Feb 1, visiting customers, speaking at conferences, and attending the MVP summit. I am in-between flights and finally found *the* video, the video of Sasha and I singing “Baby one more time..” at the EMP in Seattle.

For those of you who where not there, there is a rock band called “rock and roll-aoke ” where you sing karaoke with a live rock band. So no matter how bad you are, you still sound ok. MVPs lined up to sing with the band.

I was trying to find folks to come sing Britney Spears with me. Only Sasha Krsmanovic was brave enough. Sasha signed us up to sing. But unfortunately we were like 10th on the list at 11pm when the EMP was closing. No Britney! :(

Enter Paulette Suddarth. Paulette runs the MVP summit and we drafted her to come sing. Somehow she was able to bribe the band to push our names up on the list and we were the closing act. Lots of RDs came up on stage to help! Thanks to Darcy for taking the video and posting it.


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