# Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A while ago I was asked by the publisher to be a tech editor of A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum. Since agile luminaries like Ken Schwaber and Scott Ambler were also tech editors, I was honored to be chosen as well. Reviewing this book was a great experience and I have re-read the book since it was published (even thought I was paid to be a tech editor/reviewer, the publisher sent me a free copy when the book was published. Cool!)

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You can learn a lot about using Scrum in a distributed environment from reading this book, it is the gold standard. If you have remote employees, off shore developers, or just a lot of offices where the product owner is in one location and the development team in another, this book is for you. The authors walk you through the process of setting up scrum in a distributed environment including planning, user stories, and the daily scrum. They give practical advice on how to deal with the problems specific to distributed teams using scrum, including most importantly communication and coordination. The authors are from IBM and show some of the techniques used at IBM with their remote employees, offices, and contractors.

I have been doing scrum in a distributed environment for almost 5 years now, and still learned quite a bit by reading this book. I encourage you to read it too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 9:18:03 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Stephen, Thank you so much! We really appreciated the tech review that you provided. I'd also like to mention that the proceeds go to three charities (Alzheimers Society, Alzheimers Association and Childrens Hunger Fund), so hopefully this work is not only contributing to the agile community but to some good causes that will benefit our overarching global community.
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