# Friday, May 22, 2009

Last week at TechEd and this week up at the Montreal Users Group (yes I spoke in French! :) ), I presented the “Data Access Hacks and Shortcuts” a session where I walk through 5 different scenarios and have 5 solutions/hacks/tips. It is a unique style of presentation and people either love it or hate it. If you hate it, well, no worries, just go find a presentation that works for you. If you loved it, here are the scenarios and download link to the presentation and code:

  • Passing a custom .NET collection (that uses IEnunerable) to a Stored Procedure (SQL Server 2008 TVP)
  • Using SQL Server Profiler to spy on your LINQ queries and write better LINQ queries (or debug LINQ queries)
  • Modeling complex 1 to many relationships as flatter views for better data access
  • Binding to REST (ADO .NET Data Services) data in Silverlight, also has a nice hack on dealing with Silverlight asynchronous processing issues
  • Using reporting tables and data warehouse tables as part of your application architecture

You can download the slides and code here. Enjoy.

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