# Friday, June 6, 2003

New York, New York

Looking for Tech*Ed slides and code? If you are one of the 700 people who attended DAT306: Efficient and Secure Data Retrieval in Your Middle Tier Using Stored Procedures and ADO. NET, thanks for the comments and rocking evals! I have read each and every comment, the good, the bad and the ugly. You can download the slides and code from gotdotnet.

Thanks to all who attended DAT233:  .NET CF Database Development with SQL Server CE 2.0 ROI, since this was a case study, there are no downloads. All of you who attended the 5pm session right before the party are troopers. Thanks again!

Tech*Ed's party on Thursday night rocked the house. Smash Mouth was totally awesome last night, they covered "Jump Around" by House of Pain, one of my all time favorite songs. At one point I was with Stan Leszynski, Clemens Vasters, Abdelmalek Kemmou, and Goksin Bakir watching the WallFlowers with a beer in one hand and a cigar in another hand and I said "This doesn't suck."

Back home in New York, for less than 24 hours-leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow for Advisor DevCon. Had to get up at 5am in Dallas to catch a 6:55 am flight. Went to work today and during lunch with my business partner we had a strategy about potential investment. Our goal is to get our valuation up higher with more revenue (which means more work on the product!) so we can make a 20% investment very attractive. We both agree that one of the most important potential investors is our current largest client. It will help us build a better product and understand the needs of our largest user base. All of our customers will benifit.

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