# Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Microsoft has released a new .NET Stories site that features real developers and their stories about building .NET applications. Sure the site is a marketing site, however, it is pretty cool since the stories are true and very varied. There are stories that integrate SharePoint, SQL Server R2 and Win7. 

I spent some time reading over the case studies and watching the videos and some of the apps blew me away. What is cool is that Microsoft is looking for more. You can submit your .NET app to a contest and get a chance to win a 12-day Galapagos Islands trip or a Smart Car! You can also get featured on their wall of fame.

Having been to the Galapagos, I can tell you, this is an amazing offer. If you are selected, Microsoft may even take your photos and dress you up as Dr. Efficiency, or something like that.

Good luck!

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